The approach is accessible, the process is transformative.

With over 30 years experience in a myriad of contexts throughout North America and Europe, my teaching is steeped in numerous somatic and spiritual practices, the primary influences being Rudolf Laban, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, F.M. Alexander and Shambhala Buddhism.

Whether you engage in martial arts, athletics, yoga, Pilates, the arts, therapeutic/bodywork practices, embodied leadership, are recovering from injury or simply wish to deepen your presence within your body, this training will enliven your movement practice and life.

I am a certified Laban Movement Analyst and a Somatic Movement Educator.


“Helen comes from a place of deep embodiment. Her work is rich, dynamic, highly creative and beautifully layered, revealing her breadth of understanding”

Nikki Zekas, Pilates Instructor, Dynamic Embodiment Movement Therapist


My Movement Patterning and Laban Studies workshops are intended for, and accessible to, a broad population.

I am available for One on One sessions in Movement Patterning. These sessions are personally designed to address your particular needs.

I offer classes in Contemporary Technique, Improvisation and Composition for the professional dance milieu and pre-professional training programs.

I offer facilitation and mentorship to creative projects.

I ask students to think with their bodies, sense with their minds and feel with their breath. I am curious about the presence of mind, attention, intention and how these manifest in motion. I am known for my forthright clarity, refinement, depth in detail and my humour.

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