Gail Johnson
The Georgia Straight
“The effect is slow and strange to take hold, but when it does, it’s almost overwhelming.”

Janet Smith
The Georgia Straight
“...moves on levels that transcend straightforward dance.”

Deborah Jowitt
Village Voice
“...the whole piece simmers with subtle emotion: a silent howl, a struggle to speak, the change of a gentle touch to something more dangerous. When they nestle together, your body remembers embraces.”

Kaija Pepper
The Dance Current
“...the work follows its own mysterious inspiration; it looks like a game of chance, with each player perfectly understanding what appears to be constantly changing rules.”

Aline Apostolska
La Presse
“What a joy it is to see this gorgeous dancer with her ever changing, yet ample gestures, and be captivated by her strong and deep, yet moving voice, as she performs her songs and monologues.”

Paula Citron
The Globe and Mail
“Vancouver dancesmiths who caught my eye include Helen Walkley for her wry humour.”

Shirley Goldberg
Crimson Coast Dance
“Walkley’s spellbinding performance ranges from rooted to soaring, from subtle to sensuous. Every move, every arch of hand and foot seems integrally coordinated.”

Mary Kelly
The Dance Current
“The work exposes the vulnerability of the body itself.”